• Maverick (Avigdor) Peters

Parshas Matos and Masei 2015

Hashem takes care of us.

Throughout history, our people have been saved time and time again from all sorts of gruesome trials and tribulations. Hashem has foiled the plans of every one of our enemies and will continue to do so. He is always working “behind the scenes” as there are always people who are plotting to destroy us. While, we are often oblivious to it, Hashem intervenes and protects His people.

When any painful or unpleasant experiences arise, be it on a personal level or for the entire nation, Hashem still blankets us with His protection.

From time to time, (sometimes even quite often) Hashem needs to present us with uncomfortable and challenging situations. We should not look at these situations in the negative and become angry and frustrated and give up hope as though all is lost. We must understand that these “problems” help us grow and are orchestrated by the Mastermind Himself.

Parshas Masei, the final parsha in the fourth book of the Torah, lists all of the places that the nation traveled through when they were in the desert. It is easy to walk away from these experiences with a bad taste in our mouths and a negative attitude toward the difficult living conditions during “wandering” in the desert. While many view this as a gloomy time in our history, we should focus on how Hashem sustained us and provided us with sufficient living conditions so generously. Additionally, we were blessed to witness all of the incredible array of miracles that He did for us.

The Torah, as we know, never contains something that is superfluous in any form. Not a single letter or accent marking on top of a letter is extra. As such, why did Hashem feel it necessary to restate all of our travels through the desert?

Rashi says, the parsha list the forty two places we journeyed through. These were stressed to show that over the forty years we only pitched tent and actually moved forty two times –a significantly small number. The first fourteen were during the first year on their way out of Mitzrayim (Egypt). While the last eight only started after the death of Ahron Hakohein.

This comes to show that although we may not see it at first glance, Hashem runs the show perfectly. He had all of his cheshbonos (exact calculations) and reasons for the forty years. He protected us from our enemies and took care of us. We only moved forty two times during the forty years in the desert.

We should all take away from the very fact that our parsha recounts the journeys of our people in the desert just to teach us the mere fact that Hashem is with us and will always be with us. Even when our personal and national situations may seem rough and bumpy at times, He is in charge and is presenting us with the perfect challenges for us to grow to our potential.


Stay tuned for next week as we begin the fifth book in the Torah, called Sefer Devarim,

Beginning with its title track!

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