• Maverick (Avigdor) Peters

Parshas Beha’alosecha 2015

Avigdor Laib (Maverick) Peters

Respect is such a significant quality, everyone should develop it and have in in his arsenal of character traits and pull it out to use quite often. The importance of expressing respect to others simply cannot be stressed enough. Adding to that ledger, respect for one’s rebbe (spiritual teacher and mentor) is even greater. There are two words in this parsha that demonstrate just how meticulous we must be when it comes to our rebbe’s kovod (honor).

The halachos (laws) that discuss our rebbe’s honor include, standing up for him when he walks into the room, not answering in his place, and not calling him “you” or by his first name.

“And Hosheiya ben Nun [Yehoshua] answered, ‘my master Moshe’…” (Numbers 11:28)

The Telzer Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Dovid Goldberg, ask based in a Moshav Zekainim (commentary) on a Gemora in Sanhedrin (100a). How can it be that the same Yehoshua who would lead the nation after Moshe would call his rebbe by his first name, and in his presence?

Yehoshua was very careful in giving the most kovod to his rebbe and chose that paring of words accordingly. When a person says, “my master” before his rebbe’s name it is not only considered not disrespectful but it is also very respectable. This trait took Yehoshua very far in life. (Arguably, he became the successor of Moshe’s through this trait.)

We should all glean from that starling trait of respect that Yehoshua had, the unequivocal importance of respecting our Rabbeim.

We should be conscientious in a shiur (lecture) to let our Rabbeim answer all of the questions and to restrain ourselves from offering our own answers or explanations when our rebbe in present. May our proper conduct toward our Rabbeim bring the moshiach quickly, thereby bringing the ultimate respect/honor to the ultimate Rebbe (Hashem)! –Amen!


Stay tuned for next week’s Parsha called, Parshas Shelach!

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