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  • Founder and CEO of the "Maverick Podcasting Network".

  • Host of "Maverick Mondays" podcast and "Maverick's Torah Podcast".

  • EVP of Productions at Palladium Edge Media Group.

  • Producer & Audio Technician on several podcasts. Including: "Blood Time", "Drink It In", "The C-Suite Forum", &  "A Deeper Conversation"

  • Freelance web-designer.

  • Owner of the "Divrei Mav" blog page.

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"Supermoms & Mompreneurs

W/ Hillary Bennett" - EP. 36


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"A True Maverick"

December 24th, 2020



"Maverick is quite a guy! We went to high school together and have stayed connected ever since. His "Maverick Mondays" is reaching new heights in podcasting. Inspiration and passion is something I can genuinely appreciate with the work I do.... and Maverick, with his show and blog brings a LOT of it! I look forward to one day (hopefully soon) putting our heads together and collaborating.   I strongly recommend linking up with Mav if you get such an opportunity."

Naftali Kark

Networking Professional | Hospital Liason | Strategist |

Marketer | Consultant | Small Business Supporter

"I'm honored to provide a recommendation for Maverick Peters. I've know Mav for many years, and there are any number of good things I could say about him. Let me focus on a few. First and foremost, you will not find anyone of finer character and humility. He is respectful, courteous, and giving. Second, he is possessed of a wisdom and perspicacity far beyond his years. That comes across in his writing as well as in the way he works with his guests on his Maverick Mondays Podcast. He's an excellent host - controlling the narrative, letting his guests have their say, and still directing the conversation smoothly and with insight. Finally, he's dedicated to being a better person. If you listen to his Podcasts, you can hear his growth just over that time - he has inspiring and intelligent people on his show, and it's obvious he learns from them. That's a sign of greatness - the willingness to learn and grow at all times. I am certain that Mav will have success in whatever endeavor he applies himself to. It's a privilege to write this on his behalf."

Philip Setnik, PMP

Providing Technology for Healing Spaces




Essays on the Parsha (weekly Torah portion) geared towards inspiring others. Very popular and active since 2010. Over ten year of religious content.




Everything you need to know about podcasting. Tips, tricks, resources, and advice from the experts. A project of the Maverick Podcasting Network.

"Where to start? First off, Maverick is a positively contagious personality. His attitude, mindset and outgoing nature equip him with all the necessary traits to be a fantastic podcast host and interviewer. I had the honor of being a guest on his #MaverickMondays podcast, and from the time we first logged on to the follow up a few weeks later, he was a pro through and through. If you have the opportunity to connect, work, and/or collab with Maverick, do it! You won't regret it."

Dai Manuel

Lifestyle Optimization Mentor to Professional Fathers

& Transformational Lifestyle Business Coach & Storyteller

Maverick Peters
Maverick Peters News
Maverick Peters News

"One of the best examples for his generation. Maverick is creative, open minded and empathetic. His approach to his profession speaks volumes as to his upbringing, as he is someone you can really count on. Because Maverick has an open mind his ability to learn, grow and put those lessons in play makes him an effective leader, and partner. Any organization that is looking to engage his expertise, and services will be receive an incredible ROI, and quality of work produced. Seek Maverick out, and utilize his excellence, as you will pleased with your decision."

C. Peter Cimoroni

Creator and Host of the Blood Time Podcast

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